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 Madarama, Jay

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Jay Madarame
Level 1.

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PostSubject: Madarama, Jay   Sun Aug 28, 2011 2:49 am


"So to speak, you are a hero, Jay! Even if you are the top student, you are also poorest in the school. People will call you a weed, and you will be despised as a lower person! Don't worry, I praise the poorest! What is important to the hero is the reckless spirit!"

Picture Day
    "Beauty is as vain as these cherry blossoms. You will never be able to see the same shape for two days."

• General Appearance •  Jay Madarame is approximately 5 foot 9 from his growth of 5 foot 1. He weighs 121 pounds and hardly gains pounds. His body it built like a cute skinny Emo. Having his pale white skin go to a sexy tan like skin. His eyes are the darkest shade of white while his hair is the lightest shade of White. His hair I dressed like a rich man's son as it just lays there and curls a bit. From the front it stop directly over his eyebrows. But in the back it meets near's shirt. Nate is white. Near has a tattoo on his left shoulder blade of a rose and another tattoo of a skull at the ankle of his right foot. 
• Usual Apparel • Nate wears a baggy shirt that seems as if it doesn't fit him. It covers his hands making it hard for Nate to use his hand well. One thing you can find under the long sleeves of the shirt on nate's wrist is a black bracelet given to him by his older brother. He wears black  pants which are very tight to his skin and are long enough for Nate's legs and don't overflow. His shoes are simply white to match the pattern of white black white. Attached to his loops on his pants are small toy like figures of real humans, Mostly of family and friends. 
• Interesting Traits • Near hair is sparkling clean white. He was born with this as a baby. This is the kind of white hair that old people don't get. Along with his hair he has dark Black eyes with as if no pupils in a dead way. 

Locker-room Gossip
    "I think it's fun to know the person little by little through looking at their personality."

• Character Summary •  Near's attitude to people is cruel and distasteful. People make it seem as if near acts like he is better then anyone else but really he doesn't want to be connected to anyone else due to his life being a small wreak. Near was far from being mentally crazy from the things he saw as a kid. By cutting off his emotions to the world and keeping such a serious face. When facing a person in or out of school he will quickly blurt out what that person is feeling by their expression. At times after saying that he would say that "Emotions get in the way loser." not hoping for a fight but this would usually make people hate him for what he says. When he really cant stand a person he would go in a sense crazy on them. As he would begin to say unforgivable things to that person and would go on asking if they get it a million times while insulting them getting various effects from people when doing this and then making up a fake laugh once done. When around friends he cools down his ways, this is to get closer to them to be able to find his brother and sister. When it comes down to teachers of the school during class or anytime he would make fun of how their lesson failed and then explain to them what they messed up and how stupid it was to do so. 
• Likes •Test, Guys (Studs, Nerds, Normals, Etc), and the Moonlight
• Dislikes • Female Teachers, Jerks, and immaturity. 
• Obstructions • Nate has one fear and that's to loose what he has left, His life. His biggest bad habit is his lack of making friends. Due to his inability to stop analyzing a person feature then crudely telling them how they feel and what they should do about which is "Shove it up your and jump off a building and it'll all be over with." which usually gets him into an argument with the same person. 

Schoolyard Games
    "If you wish to dream, do so in your dreams."

• Element • Fire
• Gift • Nate has the small ability to shot fire from his hands only by snapping his fingers at the target. Not an exact attack due to it having to travel through the air to get to the enemy. But is easily taken out by water. Both hands being different. His right has a much hotter and larger fire sent at the enemy when it is snapped. While the left Hand is a more pinpointed small fire blast mostly the size of a rope when sent out. The large drawback is that Nate would get third degree burns on his hands if he ever used his gift without his specialized gloves. 
• Weapon • Nate has specialized gloves which keep him from burning himself to the third degree with his gift. They have a special kind of metal that is able to move when the hand moves and also isn't burnt by fire. Its natural color is white making the gloves white as well. Nate always wear these gloves just for protection from burn all the time. They serve as a small kind of style in school hiding from their real usage. 

Background Check
    ""Looks like you've managed to take a step into a new world."
• Birthday • 07/05
• Legal Guardians • Katelyn - Mother, Dead. Nicholas  - Father, Dead
• Siblings • Lawiet - Brother, Dead. -Unknown- sister,Living. Unknown - Brother,Living
• History • Nate was born into a family of five, His parents his two brothers and a sister. But on the day that he was born his brother and sister were sent to live with their grandmother. As it had seemed that had gifts that only she could explain. This left Nate with his older brother Lawiet. As he became old enough to say words and name laweit was the closer to him taking care of him as their mother and father went or work at the police station and the hospital as a nurse. At the times they were together laweit wanted someone to talk to as he would look to his baby brother. That day laweit began to teach Nate how to talk. Even though knowing how to talk from tha day Nate and laweit gave each other nick names. Nate's was Near. Using bits and pieces of nate's whole name to make it. And laweit's nickname was L. Due to that fact that his name was a little hard for Nate at the time so they came up with taking the first letter of laweit's name. About eight year later when Nate became ten his brother and him had a great bond. Now being 20 Lawiet was able to take up longer jobs but refused as he would also refuse college even with his scholarship. Laweit decided to stay home and teach his little brother. Nate's other siblings had been away for a long time. Making it that Nate had no idea of them even living. 

It had been 10 days since nate's missing siblings called their parents only to talk to them. With faces of worry nate's decided to study his parents knowing something was up. After enough of studying them for a year he go the since of emotions and ripped them out of himself seeing the problems and mistakes that emotions would do and how they would hold him back in life. One night Nate and his brother L went out on the town once they had all moved to a weird town. Leaving their parents at home. When It had gotten late near had gotten a pair of gloves saying he looked like a street fighter with the metal on the front part. When they finally go home they walked into the killing of their parents by a man that was a native of the town. That day near's theory on emotions getting in the way of his life was shown. Near went from happy to furious. The killer had only turned and pointed the gun at the two smiling. Near screamed pointed at the killer and something came over him as he snapped his fingers and fire blasted from his right hand at the man. Sadly frying both the killer and his parents body and starting a fire in the house. Near simply passed out. After the cops at made their assumptions they figured a lamp started the fire. Giving custody to Laweit. Once done they were given a box of stuff recovered from the fire. Three years later near still didn't open the box that he was given. Now fourteen he was different from when he was eleven. That day he opened the box to find toys and in the middle of the color was a white note which spoke of near's two siblings going to a strange academy. 

After that day near awoke to the next mourning. Waiting for his brother to get up and fix the food. After waiting an. Hour near went to check on his brother L only to fins his pale dead body laying on the bed. His face showed no movement no emotion in it. As he stormed into his room and packed his clothing. After doing so he toke some of his brother's clothing. He left the house and went to find this academy his two other siblings were supposedly at. After entering near was fifteen. He began his search for his two other siblings. This began to fail through the whole year the only and giant problem with him looking for them was that he didn't know who they were. What they looked like. Or if they had the family name river. Some many questions which only lead to him staying for another year in the academy. Now his second year he hopes to find more clues by revealing his real name as Nate river.  

    "“What good are dreams, if all you do is work? There's more to life than hitting the books, I hope you know."

• RP Example •
Hearing the water and the man come out of the water. He seemed to being doing a lot of unnesassarry shit. He was destroying trees and fucking up the lake that was beautiful and peaceful. Near didn't like that at all. It was very rude to the animals and their homes where would they live now. Bt that wasnt a problem due to him killing them as well. What was this man's problem. Was he crazy or something. This ran throughou his mind before the man would start to activate his jutsu for the fight. 

When he was finally finished near had both hands down to his side touching the ground as three scriptions appeared on the ground and pink smoke was made that covered up near fully. And the beast that came from it which were giant. They were a centipede, A dog, and a panda. They had their own special uses toward the summoner and could easily destroy the enemy by the will of the summoner. 

While the smoke was still not gone near did sequences of hand signs for many jutsu. The first was to make 5 water clones behind the panda. They would have their own thing to do while the summons attacked. The panda stayed behind to guard near. This was all apart of his plan. As the clones would jump and the smoke would be gone. They all did hand signs at once as one poofed in smoke. 

At the point before the summons would get to the enemy. A clone poofed from behind the enemy. As he got close to him using the preta path. Bein 1 meter from eachother. Using the pert path would absorb the the chakra that was around and on the man's body. This was for precaution if the man's jutsu could do more for it looked like fire ninjutsu to near. The real near watched for he was in the pack of clones as well who were doing jutsu. All having the same appearance as the original. 

The summons would go for the gold. In a sense they would head for his neck and chest for some Instant attacks. The drilled beak bird would move at fast speeds about 40 meters an hour. While the enemy had been 10 meters away. But the dog would go pouncing toward the man. For precaution. Near kept an eye on him and his moves. As the water would began to move with the jutsu ready to launch at the enemy now. 

Three clones had landed with a total of three water dragons coming from the ground. One from the front. One from each side. Not having one come from the back due to the clone being back there. But nothing but precaution for the enemy to be ready for anything as the other clones landed on the ground as well. The five would be around the man as well unless they were token out by him during th battle. 

If not taken out one would be behind the man. Two to the back of each side. Two to the front of each side and then on in the front as they all would put out their hands to use universal pull. On one man in all directions this would most likely tear the man apart with the force and gravity used in the attack. Such a move and others would drain alot of chakra ou of near which it did. Now the story was what would actually happen to the man. To be or not to be. That is the question

• Admin PMd •  Barbie

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Valerie Anafeloz
Level 1.

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PostSubject: Re: Madarama, Jay   Sun Aug 28, 2011 3:02 am

approved unless someone says otherwise...
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Sashura Dregovich
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PostSubject: Re: Madarama, Jay   Sun Aug 28, 2011 3:55 am

Post your face claim in the proper topic, please.


Dragunov SVD [Optical zoom, Foldable Stock and Grip, Optional Silencer, Mag Capacity: Full-11 Currently-10]
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PostSubject: Re: Madarama, Jay   

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Madarama, Jay
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