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 Genzo, Shinnosuke

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Shinnosuke Genzo
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PostSubject: Genzo, Shinnosuke   Mon Aug 22, 2011 12:15 am

• Shinnosuke Genzo • Male • Eighteen • Senior •
• Shin • Unknown, it depends about his feelings • Shin's job varies. He is a Free-lance worker accepting part-time jobs. He works as a Tutor on certain times • Itachi, Naruto •

"So to speak, you are a hero, Shin! Even if you are the top student, you are also poorest in the school. People will call you a weed, and you will be despised as a lower person! Don't worry, I praise the poorest! What is important to the hero is the reckless spirit!"

Picture Day
    "Beauty is as vain as these cherry blossoms. You will never be able to see the same shape for two days."

• General Appearance • Shin's appearance is that of a normal 18 year old. Tall, about 6'3 and he weighs a little in between 140-145 pounds. This often doesn't add on not that it matters to the teen. His hair is long and is black and is often times in a ponytail or just straight down without a hair tie. He has a normal skin tone but he is a bit on the pale side. His eyes are a color of black and red and he wears purple to black nail-polish. His hair is well groomed for he brushes it at least twice a day and it is silky and has a natural shine to it. Shin's eyes are unique not that he thinks so and he is a bit on the well built side, and he tends to take well care of himself. He does have a tattoo on his right shoulder of a unique symbol and he has a scar on his stomach down to his abs. This scar was given to him when he was really little not that he remembers it much.
• Usual Apparel • Shin wears clothes from a normal school uniform to suits of black. Shin also loves to where necklaces especially the one that he has gotten from his family and a ring which he seems to always wear on his wedding finger, he isn't married he just has this feeling to wear a ring there. Black shirts that are sleeveless or short sleeved seemed to be the shirts he is seen in. Long black jeans to gray jogging pants to white pants seems to be his favorite type of pants. He isn't picky and will just about wear anything, it often times depends on the season and then his clothes will be explained. Shin is the kind of cool guy who loves to where punkish wear to about gothic type of wear. Hoodies, jackets, and coats are often seen on him if he is out doing something on his own. Shoes are normal tennis shoes to cool skater shoes to often times sandles. He seems to be the guy who wears sandles with socks on and he doesn't seemed bothered by it. His fashion since is a normal kind of fashion, he does want to look cool but it is his own cool and no one elses. The others type of things that he wears are clip-on to actuall ear-rings to hats and beanies. The rest will be discovered as his story takes flight.
• Interesting Traits • The only thing about his traits are just his scar that he had gotten when he was really little to a tattoo of a cool symbol on his right arm. Shin's body is never revealed to anyone so this maybe the only chance to see more on him. Shin has a tattoo on his left shoulder of a red cresent moon made of blood red but its outline is black. This is never to hardly seen cause he always wears a white bandage over it, he obtained this for doing something very hurtful to his family which will be explained.

Locker-room Gossip
    "I think it's fun to know the person little by little through looking at their personality."

• Character Summary • Shin is a calm, collected individual. Mature, Confident, Gentle, and Supportive he is mostly like anyones big brother if you would call it that. Shin has a always positive attitude but this is to hide his major feelings, he is distant and very silent when he is alone or doing who knows what. Mysterious is what his parents always say for he is always in his room and he keeps his real feelings to himself. Shy around girls as well as boys he doesn't know what to say to any of them at first and this is where his nervousness and silence come in. He is hardly to ever negative but that is a lie since he is sometimes negative about himself and his feelings. On most cases he is a bit depressed ever since he became 10 he has always been this way and his parents do not know why. Shin wants to keep it a secret from others as well as the ones he holds dear.

Shin is a okay guy, but when you first meet him he is often times reading or looking out to the sky with always a face of concern and thoughts. He is a loving man to those he holds dear, to his friends and loved ones. Shin is a bit of a tease and a joker not that he does it often. He will be seen listening to music and will be often times seen reading, cooking, and or reading a newspaper. Shin is also a bit of a lazy man not that he sees himself lazy, but never has he once shown a full bloom happy smile. Shin also takes to reality seriously and does not like it when people joke about it More about his personality which hasn't been seen yet will be shown as his story takes off.
• Likes • Shin likes a little bit of everything, but he does like cooking, listening to music, and sleeping most of all.
• Dislikes • Shin hates violence without reason, to little kids crying, he also can't stand bullies.
• Obstructions • Shin already suffers from depression, he fears loud storms with lightning added in to wild animals with rabies. His bad habits are being stubborn and often times sleeping to late in the day. Shin also can't seem to focus in the mornings which means he needs a little sugar to start his day off if you would call this a bad habit of his as well as being overly sensitive but this hardly appears. Other than this he is okay or more will be discovered.

Schoolyard Games
    "If you wish to dream, do so in your dreams."

• Element • Wind
• Gift • Aura Manipulation, In other words it can see different colored aura's like blue and red to green. The blue is harmless and thus the aura turns off just becoming wind blowing past when he walks to Shin. If red it is a threat and the wind becomes the purple black wind around Shin. Green, this signals a animal and thus they are harmless unless the green is glowing much brighter. His maipulation is harmless but if the color is red or a bright glowing green then they are a threat and thus it changes upon the threat.

This is his gift to use his aura as a sensor of threats or non-threats by the wind.
• Weapon • Shinnosuke Genzo uses a katana of spiritual properties or that is what he thinks. The handle is a white ghostly color and the blade is a shiny metal which looks pure and untouched. This is in a large box which he has it always on his back and it just looks like a box. The sword is about the same size of a normal katana and it weighs just about the same. The box is pure black with red flowers all around it. The box is light in weight but it can be used as a small shield. His main shield is his katana and if his opponent uses some other kind of weapon he may have to use another kind of shield mainly his surroundings.

Background Check
    ""Looks like you've managed to take a step into a new world."

• Birthday • August 5th
• Legal Guardians • Mother and Father. Grandfather and Grandmother. (His grandparents are deceased as well as his mother)
• Siblings • Little brother, Akira
• History • Shin's life was a good one, his parents wre fairly well with money and they never hard to worry about anything major happening. Shin became a little brother which was the happiest moment in his life and he loved his little brother dearly. His parents as well as his grandparents were glad to know that Shin was going to be a fine big brother. Shin adored his little brother always protecting him from school bullies when he first stared school. Shin was 8 and Akira was 6. He was a strong little guy from what the teachers told his parents and that made him happy. One day however on their way back from School. Akira was attacked by a street thug since they walked to home on foot. The man grabbed a hold of Akira and Shin being the protective little brother he tackled the mans leg and before he was thrown off of him he grab a hold of something, it was the mans gun. Akira was being kicked which caused Shin to snap. He took the gun knowing what it was and without a second thought he shot it off. Akira screamed as the body fell over him and their layed the attacker, dead. Shin dropped the gun with wide eyes, he had just shot and killed a man. Shooting him, in the side of his head. Akira thanked him for saving him but Shin felt dirty, as if the lowest of the low. When they returned home Akira was told to be quiet about what had happened the little brother kept his word. Shin went to bed early which was a bad idea. He had nightmares and haunting thoughts that led him to screaming at night. As the years went by, Akira was growing up well while Shin suffered from the memories of murder he had done. He actually wished that they got on the bus that day but being the kind of guy that says never fear the streets he had reason to fear them uch how he feared lightning storms. When school started back Shin was attacked out of no where for something not that he remembers. The attacker was a bully and he wanted his money which he wouldn't give it to him and so he took a broke peice of glass and slit Shin's stomach. To him not remembering wasn't surprising since he had passed out from the pain and the blood loss. His parents remembered it not that he had remembered. He was actually glad he doesn't remember it when he awoke in the hospital.

However, Shinnosuke Genzo lost his grandparents and his mother at the same time, they all were in their grandparents care and a drunk driver crashed head long with them killing them. Shin's father told him about that and he will never forget. Akira being the youngest didn't know what to say for he didn't understand. At the funeral Akira's little heart broken down seeing his mother and his grandparents in boxes which he didn't understand. When this happened Shin was 12 and Akira was 10. The years went by for them pretty fast, and their father had to take care of them alone and yet he doesn't know what to about Shin's growing depression. He doesn't know why he is this way even though Akira does. Shin became 18 before everyone knew it and he left his home wanting to achieve better hopes. The day he got his weapon was when he went to the church when the preacher was leaving and he gave that sword to him, he also told that preacher what he had done and told him that the sword will be his key in forgiving himself as well as others forgiving him of his crime. Even though the preacher said he did it out of good nature for he saved his brother, Shin still feels his hands being dirted with a other mans blood. He wants to purify himself of his deed, and that was how he got his sword.

    "“What good are dreams, if all you do is work? There's more to life than hitting the books, I hope you know."

• RP Example •
Shin walked down the streets with his long black hair following after him and his right hand clutching hold of the strap that leads to his box on his back which contains the sword. Shinnosuke has had a long day but he can still squeeze in a time to look at the sky and day dream about his dreams and how his future will turn out. Genzo can't help but wonder though what his little brother was doing and how his father was holding up on his own. He loved his brother and father very much, how could you not when they are the only ones in your life. Shin can never forget the day that he had lost his dearly beloved mother and his grandparents. He wonders as he looks down with his black-ish red eyes stuck on the ground as he walks if they forgive him for what he had done to that man. Sure, he was a attacker but he was trying to take his little brother from him. It sounds like the right thing to do but he can't help but feel bad for the attacker. Shin never wants to take another's life again, but what if he snaps then can he stop himself?. He wasn't sure, and as he thinks he stops and looks upwards with his face thoughtful. What would be in store for him?

• Admin PMd • Alivyre Mercier {There is a password hidden in the rules. To make sure you’ve read them, please PM this password to an admin and post their name here. This admin will be the only one who can check over your application.}

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Sashura Dregovich
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PostSubject: Re: Genzo, Shinnosuke   Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:05 am


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Genzo, Shinnosuke
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