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 Kurosawa, Chariza

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Chariza Kurosama
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PostSubject: Kurosawa, Chariza    Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:12 pm

• Chariza Layla Kurosama • Female • Eighteen • Senior •
• Char + Layla + Ariza + Bubbles + Princessa + Charizard • Heterosexual • Student + Poet • Hatsune Miku •

"So to speak, you are a hero, Layla! Even if you are the top student, you are also poorest in the school. People will call you a weed, and you will be despised as a lower person! Don't worry, I praise the poorest! What is important to the hero is the reckless spirit!"

Picture Day
    "Beauty is as vain as these cherry blossoms. You will never be able to see the same shape for two days."

• General Appearance • Chariza or better known as Layla, for first meetings + impressions only, stands taller than most average females at five feet six inches no taller + weighs at about one hundred + sixteen pounds equivalent to about fifty two point six with an hourglass figure that stands out. Layla has long blue-ish/teal hair, which can be styled either in long curls, waves or simply straight. Whether, in two sided pigtails or none that extends pass her knees. Her hair color is comparable to her eyes which hold many memories by using one of the senses known as sight. Layla’s skin complexion is quiet similar to an Albino, during winter + autumnal time, but in summer + spring time it is usually pale or tan in hue. + although she classifies her body as a temple, she has only one tattoo which is located just a little above her left collar bone. Layla may look like a Japanese descent, but she is in fact a French native, born and raised.
• Usual Apparel • Equally couture + sophisticated + simple is the style of Layla’s outfits. She dresses in fashion to make a statement. She may be seen wearing the most outrages clothing known to man, but she has the ability to make it look well and wearable. { { To see her current appearances please refer to her signatures. } }
• Interesting Traits • Probably one of the most interesting thing about Layla is the tattoo that is just above her neckline. It symbolizes her ancestries and gives out a long and expanded length of background information about who she is + what she is + where she comes from.

Locker-room Gossip
    "I think it's fun to know the person little by little through looking at their personality."

• Character Summary • Layla may come out quite at first, but she does well in making a great first impression. She tends to block herself from the world quiet often, but only because she is a hard thinker. She is a great scholar + works well with critical thinking and specially poetry, which is one of her favorites. Layla, however is a vivacious + extraordinary + sensitively + kind + generous person who cares for others more than herself. She is easily to put herself in danger for the goodness of others. During at home she is very much laid back and cares less of what she may appear. She is very welcoming when others come into her household, which she tends to over feed them with delicious home cooking of different cultures. Layla cares less of those who are judgmental + aggressive + pitiful to others +just plain out rude, although she may act like one, but only rarely. Also, being passionate, such as loving or caring, is one of her many characteristics, especially towards the people she cares and cherishes, like a loved one whether they may be family + friends + a significant other. To sum it all up, Layla can be either or, simply caring or could hold a grudge, which is more less than likely.
• Likes •
    ::Canine animals
    ::Rainy days
    ::Alcoholic Beverage
    ::Alone time

• Dislikes •
    :: Appalling odors
    ::Repetitive sounds
    ::Obnoxious people
    ::Over reactions
    ::Hot weather

• Obstructions • Layla typically fears nothing, she’s gone through life being beaten being afraid of many things, but it however made her become into a very headstrong young lady. A bad habit that she hates is leaving her work at home or simply forgetting to do things, she has a somewhat short memory loss.

Schoolyard Games
    "If you wish to dream, do so in your dreams."

• Element • Forest
• Gift • "Vinal Ropes"
Just by the name of her special ability, can you guess what it is? Well it is simple; with the help of her affiliated element Layla is able to construct vines out of roots from any plants. The stronger the strength of vines depends on what plant is used, say if it were a tree, well trees have very durable roots, which in this case, Layla is able to do a higher damage to the “opponent”. + for smaller plants such as bushes + such, they will give out less damage to the opposing “opponent”, which is one of the disadvantages for this ability. This ability should be used especially when environments consist of plants, not cities or places with less plant.
• Weapon • Rizo Inferno “Bow + Arrow”
A special bow + arrow handed down from the Kurosawa ancestries; this is one of the legendary weapons used long ago. Its arrows are very sharp + pointed +prestigious in aim + has a less tendency to miss its target due to a bond withheld between the bow + arrow + Layla herself. A disadvantage however is that Layla must focus all her mind connecting with the weapon to measure its correct target. The arrow is able to go through wood, however it cannot go through rocks or cemented things. -Keeps it at home during school hours.

Background Check
    ""Looks like you've managed to take a step into a new world."

• Birthday • April Sixteen
• Legal Guardians • Layla no longer has a guardian in this current time, but long ago during her earlier childhood, her mother was her guardian, who went by the name of LaurisaAnna. Officially deceased when Layla was at the age of eleven having to live and work for what she needed or herself to nurture herself to the person she is now.
• Siblings • She does not have any siblings.
• History •
A little girl with blue-ish/teal hair and eyes was born on a warm spring evening dated on April sixteen. She was held in her mother’s arms in the delivery room, quietly the little girl snoozed. Surprisingly she had not cried since she had come out of her mother’s womb, which the doctors found odd, but surprised. As the mother laid her eyes upon her daughter a sincere smile had blossomed upon her face, she whispered the name Layla as she kissed the little girl on her forehead. She then told the doctors the little girl’s name. “I’d like to name her Chariza Layla” She said as she looked back at the baby girl who was neatly wrapped in a smooth pink blanket as she held her in her arms. A few days later they were escorted out of the hospital.

As the little girl grew up, she was very precise with everything she pondered upon, even her name. She had told her mother and everyone else that only the people who she truly loved and cared were the only ones who could call her by her first name, and for the others who she would meet along the way, were the ones who would call her Layla. She was a very smart and was given the ability to conquer challenges, even danger. During her elementary years, she had advanced in almost all subjects, but Mathematics was the only poorness in her grade. She had grown feed up with such low grades in math that one day each week she would lock herself in her room and study like a maniac. Her mother knew that during those days, Layla was not to be bothered not even by her.

Finally by the end of elementary school did she excel in all subjects which included Math. She was proud of such an honor, but that came to an end, quickly, when she had found her mother gasping her last breath in a coma. After her mother’s death she grew lonesome, she hardly spoke to anyone and when the police came to her house to take Layla to an orphanage, she shook her head and shut the door; she did not want to be taken especially by the law. She told the officers that she would never go to a place like that.

From then on, she managed to get herself back together by the middle of her middle school years. She talked more and associated herself with others, and she eventually gained back the friends she had lost. Layla soon became independent and mature. She valued life more now that she knew a life could be taken easily as one-two-three. She cherished every moment of her life and by the time she entered high school she knew more about life than most of the students, even some of the teachers were remarkable stunned by her. After her junior year, Layla was given a letter from an anonymous school, which she soon figured out was called “Luz Dura Academy - a school for the finest” was what it read, and by the time summer came to an end, she had enrolled herself into the Academy as a Senior.

    "“What good are dreams, if all you do is work? There's more to life than hitting the books, I hope you know."

• RP Example •
Quietly Layla walked into the school hallway, waiting for what’s to come within these few school days. She had lost her way the first time around, but only because during her freshmen year had she not asked a teacher instead she would not have gotten lost. That was a simple mistake she had made asking another student for directions. That mistake however would haunt her for the rest of her existence, she hated being told the wrong thing and most importantly she hated being late for class.

Thinking back at those fresh-meat thoughts, Layla had not realized the time. “Damn, late again.” She said in her mind as she hurried her pace, running down the corridor and with a minute less managed to enter her classroom, panting and gasping for air she had made it, but she cursed at herself. Being just a minute late for Layla meant the same thing as tardiness and that, she could not tolerate. She walked to her seat, not eyeing the professor as she passed him, and quietly sat in her seat, taking out her notes and beginning to write what was written on the board.

• Admin PMd • Sashura Dregovich

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Sashura Dregovich
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PostSubject: Re: Kurosawa, Chariza    Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:16 am

Pretty weapon.


Dragunov SVD [Optical zoom, Foldable Stock and Grip, Optional Silencer, Mag Capacity: Full-11 Currently-10]
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Kurosawa, Chariza
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