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 Anafeloz, Valerie

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Valerie Anafeloz
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PostSubject: Anafeloz, Valerie    Sun Aug 14, 2011 6:48 pm

• Valerie Lynn Anafeloz • Female• 17• junior •
• Val,Ana,Lynn,hot head, Tiger lily •Bisexual (prefers men)• Artist • Taiga Aisaka•

"So to speak, you are a hero, Valerie! Even if you are the top student, you are also poorest in the school. People will call you a weed, and you will be despised as a lower person! Don't worry, I praise the poorest! What is important to the hero is the reckless spirit!"

Picture Day
    "Beauty is as vain as these cherry blossoms. You will never be able to see the same shape for two days."

• General Appearance • Valerie is an average teenager that is rather petite in size for her age. Only four feet and eleven inches tall in height. Smaller than the average female she is also quite light. Being only a good 90 to 100 pounds of slender muscle. Her light brown hair frames the sides of her heart shaped face and hang over her forehead and slightly over her wide golden brown eyes while the rest falls down her back in soft silky waves that give off the natural aroma of strawberry and vanilla. She has a small nose and full light pink lips that are usually either in a smirk or in a neutral line. Her facial complexion is clear and gives off more of a cute beauty than the mature form of her fellow classmates. Though her body is well toned and has a nice curvy shape to her hips, She has small A cupped sized breasts Which people constantly tease her for. Valerie takes on a somewhat tomboyish appearance. Mostly either Wearing a white long sleeve button up shirt underneath with a black skirt below the knee socks and matching shoes with her hair loose or a red uniform jacket with a white undershirt dark blue skirt, thigh high socks and brown shoes. When she isnt at school she wears T shirts and somewhat loose cargo pants and shorts with converses and high tops.

• Interesting Traits • Valerie has a hispanic accent and She has a small tiger cub named kurogane that either rides around in her backpack or sits on the top of her head and she always carries around a sketchpad or scroll or a wooden sword. Depending on her mood and the lighting. Her eyes change in hue. Warm liquid gold when happy, A smoldering golden ember when angered or irritated or a dark chocolate color when sad or bored.

Locker-room Gossip
    "I think it's fun to know the person little by little through looking at their personality."

• Character Summary • Hearing her name and seeing her appearance during class, one would think that she is one of the popular well fashioned student in the room. In reality however that is a different story. Though she is popular in status. She is Usually quiet around a large crowd, Valerie prefers to sit at the back of the class rather involve herself in social activity unless it involves some kind of sport or its beneficial to her learning. Because of her "underdeveloped" body. She is target to much teasing in her class and is occasionally picked on.

However unlike most of the bullied kids, she has a backbone. Never putting up with dramatic crap such as rumors and insults about her or anyone that she considers a friend. In conclusion it leads her to beating up the person that has mocked her. Known for her bad temper and her records of getting into fights during school. Most prefer to just avoid her. Like one would avoid a dangerous animal. She holds confidence in herself, holding her head up high when she walks down the hallways. Never letting anyone destroy her sense of pride. Towards strangers she acts somewhat cold and indifferent. Carrying a rather sarcastic demeanor that usually labels her right off the bat as rude"

Only those who are close to her, know about her true nature. Being rather kind and friendly, She is loyal, honest and protective over the ones that she cares about. Having a love for small cute animals, baking, and drawing as well as listening to music. After school and homework she will go out back and shoot some hoops until sundown. Enjoying the time she has by herself to blow off some steam. To any kinds of affection from anyone she becomes shy,confused and suspicious. Never fully trusting towards someone.

Her Favorite thing to do before the day is out is to sit up on the roof and watch the sunset and the arrival of the moon and stars. Sketching it out before returning into her bedroom to fall asleep.

• Likes • Music, Drawing, small cute animals, sports and sweets
• Dislikes • disrespect,killing with no cause, perverts, and dishonesty
• Obstructions • Valerie doesn't have much to fear besides losing her friends or pet. She bites her lower lip in a way that appears to look like shes pouting when shes frustrated and she has a bad habit of violently attacking someone if they piss her off. Mostly through throwing flames or smacking them upside the head with a desk or her wooden sword.

Schoolyard Games
    "If you wish to dream, do so in your dreams."

• Element • Fire
• Gift • Valerie's gift lies in her ability to draw. Upon a scroll or a piece of paper she can draw objects or living creatures to live to attack or defend her. she can also use this as a way of transportation or create duplicates of herself made of ink. The advantage of this is that whatever she draws has the same status effect a real object or creature could do in reality. The disadvantage is if they are defeated they become puddles of ink and Valerie would have to redraw them again.
• Weapon • Kurogane grows into a ten foot tall tiger formed completely of fire. In order to give him this form, Valerie has to draw that form with her own blood before lighting her blood made drawing on fire.

Background Check
    ""Looks like you've managed to take a step into a new world."

• Birthday • March 16th
• Legal Guardians • Dylin Anafeloz (Grandmother) - dead
• Siblings • none
• History • Born in Puerto Rico, She was orphaned as a baby due to a house fire. Which reduced her parents and home into ashes. Fire fighters found the destroyed house only to find Infant Valerie on top of the ashes. Sound asleep. Many considered it a miracle. Others thought otherwise. Put into childcare. The authorities searched for other parts of Valerie's family. Contacting each one though no one wanted to take her in except her Father's mother who lived in japan. Arriving in puerto rico, Valerie's grandmother picked her up and took her home.

As a child, Valerie grew up to love her grandmother. Never really thinking much about the fact that she lacked actual parents like most children her age did. Life was pretty average. Like most grandparents would do with their grandchildren. They would bake together, go to the park at night to gaze at the starry skies or catch fireflies in the backyard before reading a bedtime story. There wasn't any major rules in the house however. Except for the one rule that her grandmother enforced to be obeyed. To never step foot into her room.

Due to the fact that they lived in the country side of japan. Far from public schools, Valerie was homed schooled and learned art ,english and social studies well ;though struggled with science and math. She also took a great interest with sports. Especially ones like track, football,basket ball and soccer that she would sometimes play with the neighbors sons. Even dressed like them for a short period of time too. If it wasn't for her shorter height, feminine features and long hair one would have mistaken her for a boy.Her best friend at the time was a tall boy with dark blue hair, tanned skin and Asian features who had the name of kurogane. Like Two peas in a pod. They did everything together. Played sports, sparred with each other, captured small animals and no secrets were held from each other.

Though when her fifteenth birthday came around things grew a bit complicated. It started out as nice day, clear skies,sunny and the crops seemed to have a healthy shine to them. and everything for the party was prepared. Of course some of the neighbors kids came over though the one that got to stay the night was kurogane. They sat on the front porch watching the sunsets. Then at nightfall began to share scary stories with the lights out and just a flashlight.

They even played the game truth or dare to pass the time while awaiting for her grandmother to sleep so they could sneak out to go to the river. At first it was just harmless fun. Until Kurogane dared Valerie to go inspect her grandmothers room. Terrified of what could happen she decided against it and refused. Only to agree when kurogane swore that he would accompany her.

Together they snuck down the hallway and starred at the doorway. Both frozen in place from insecurity. Finally they swallowed down their fears and they turned the knob. The door flew open. They stepped inside and quietly shut the door. Not bothering to turn on the lights. They looked around the room the best they could from the moonlight that crept through the window.

It was a pretty average bedroom. Just a bed, a dresser and a chair with a closet. Bored from the dullness of the room they were about to leave until the sound of footsteps headed up the stairway. Valerie and kurogane made a mad dash to the closet. Though they left it open a small crack so it wouldn't make noise.

Together they peaked through the cracks looking as the old woman opened the door to her bedroom. Turning on the lights. Walking towards the dresser and opening it. Rummaging through until she found what she was looking for.

She pulled out a book, a bottle that contained a substance that looked like sand and a knife that looked stained from dried blood and rust. The children in hiding watched intently wondering what the woman was doing as she flipped through the pages. Pouring the contents of the bottle onto the floor in a circular shape with a star inside of it.

She placed down the open book and knife on the bed and went back to her drawer. Taking out five candles and putting them in place. From there she snapped her fingers and they lit up with miniature flames.

Eyes widened in both awe and fear. Valerie was confused. How the hell did her grandmother manage to pull that off? As if to answer her question the woman simply said. "Magic" As that simple word left her lips. The flames from the candles flickered up and about. Twirling around before heading towards the closet. Setting it on fire.

Valerie and kurogane screamed though not as bad as kurogane did as he leaned over her to shield her from the flames.Valerie tried to move kurogane out of the closet and out of harm. Trying to pat out the flames with her bare hands.Though before she could do anything. The increasing flames grabbed hold of him and pushed her back.

Sending her flying away from the closet.Allowing her one more chance to look at kurogane in the eye before the flames closed down on him. Burning through his flesh and reducing his bones into ashes. Valerie screamed his name. Reaching out to him helplessly not knowing what else she could do.

Then the fire died. Leaving only a small pile of ashes on the ground. In rage Valerie turned to her grandmother and attacked her with every bit of strength she had. Each attack dodged effortlessly.

Valeries grandmother simply chuckled. Sending a wave of flames to surround her to keep her in check. Valerie watched as her grandmother scooped up the ashes of her friend. Softly stating. "You know, this is the perfect form of revenge. For taking the life of my son i take the life of your friend. Now we're even and i have no more regrets."

With a smirk on her face and gathered the ashes into the jar and pushed it into the circle. As the flames touched the jar. The ashes seemed to darken and take the form of some liquid substance. "one word of advice, use that ink with your blood and maybe you'll discover a talent you never knew you had."

Taking the knife in her wrinkly palms. The woman thrusted the blade into her chest, piercing through her heart. She fell over with a triumphant smile on her face. as blood trickled out from her lips and her wound. Pooling around the corpse. The flames surrounding her still remained. And without warning they spread out. Setting the entire roof on fire.

Valerie watched in shock and fear as the flames broke down the building. As everything reduced to ash. She still remained. Unscathed by the flames. The only thing that survived was the jar of ink made from her dead friends ashes, and a black scroll.

Not knowing what else to do, Valerie unraveled the scroll, unscrewing the lid of the jar and dipping her fingers into the mixture. Drawing out a picture of a small tiger cub. The same cub that she and kurogane had saved back when they were toddlers.

As she got to the last stroke. she winced a little as she felt something cut into her finger. From the side of the jar there was a crack. The blood drop from her finger fell on her picture. Mixing with the ink. Without warning. The entire painting started to glow with a glowing red and the tiger sprung off the page.

A ten foot tall flame shaped tiger snarled at her before the flames died and it shrunk into a small size. Leaving a tiny cub in its place. The little cub looked up at valerie with its wide eyes. The same eyes that were the same color and held the same adventurous spirit that kurogane had.Naming the cub after her friend. She placed the cub on her shoulder and she began to travel far from the country side of japan. In a search for a new beginning.

As she journeyed through, she searched for a job though instead of finding one she was lucky enough to run into a man that somehow read her dilemma and enrolled her into an academy.

when she made it there at first. she was extremely nervous.She had never been around so many people in her life. As class started and what not. The classes went by swiftly and instantly she knew who was the bitches and the decent students. she was bullied by her classmates a few times and by complete accident.

One of the students had showed her his power. This terrified valerie. Which in return earned her a confused glance and a lot of questioning. Then valerie was explained that this was an academy for people with special powers or gifts.

Valerie, refusing to believe any of it was true denied any thought of her having powers. To that, they closed in on her. Deciding if they attacked enough they would be able to find out what her gift was. Though instead it pissed her off and when she went to throw a punch. A wave of fire shot towards them. Knocking them off their feet.

A teacher witnessing this talked it over with valerie and from that day on began to train her. Helping her master her element and gifts that she never knew she even had.

As the next two years passed. Valerie had become part of the student council as a junior. Though she wasn't the most popular kid in class she still felt as though she fit in.

    "“What good are dreams, if all you do is work? There's more to life than hitting the books, I hope you know."

• RP Example •

• Admin PMd • Sashura

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Sashura Dregovich
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PostSubject: Re: Anafeloz, Valerie    Sun Aug 14, 2011 7:59 pm


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Anafeloz, Valerie
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