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 Dormitories and Housing.

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Alivyre Mercier
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PostSubject: Dormitories and Housing.   Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:46 pm

Most, if not all, of the academy’s students live on campus or in the surrounding area. However, if they want to live in the housing provided by the academy—whether it is a small dorm or a bigger, coed cottage—every student needs to turn in an application. Dormitories are smaller, holding only one to three people, but built more for community, with a common room for each section and a suite for each student and their roommates. Many dorm rooms are located on the same floor, much like hotel rooms and actual college dorms. The cottages are capable of holding two to five people, and offer living that is more standard than school living. Each cottage has its own living room, bedrooms, a rec room, and a full-sized kitchen. Anything else is up to the students to add, but add-ons must be passed through the school board before being added, or else students will pay a fine for the damage they have caused. As a side note, dorms and cottages are locations, meaning that there will be a thread describing a location, and every RP will be in response to that master thread, not a separate thread of its own.

The Template
    In order to apply for a dorm, students must fill out the application template below and post it at the bottom of this thread. Housing is assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. If a student applies for a house or dorm that fills up befire their application is accepted, they will immediately be placed into the next open area; if a student does not specify a dorm, they will be placed into the first open dorm of their gender.

[color=#E3FBC1]• Full Name •[/color] ANSWER HERE
[color=#D7F7C2]• Gender •[/color] ANSWER HERE
[color=#CCF4C4]• Requested Housing •[/color] ANSWER HERE {Pick from an area below. Must name the Area—Girls, Boys, or Coed Dorms, or Coed Housing—and the dorm number.}
[color=#C0F0C5]• Special Needs •[/color] ANSWER HERE {If you want to be roomed with a certain number of people, if you want to have a certain person or persons as your roommate, if you want a cottage of only one gender, etc.}

Girls Dormitories
    • Dormitory 1A • Valerie Lynn Anafeloz , Jade Belmont , Vacant
    • Dormitory 2A • Bianca Saintclaire , Vacant , Vacant
    • Dormitory 3A • Vacant , Vacant , Vacant
    • Dormitory 4A • Vacant , Vacant , Vacant
    • Dormitory 5A • Vacant , Vacant , Vacant

Boys Dormitories
    • Dormitory 1B • Vacant , Vacant , Vacant
    • Dormitory 2B • Vacant , Vacant , Vacant
    • Dormitory 3B • Vacant , Vacant , Vacant
    • Dormitory 4B • Vacant , Vacant , Vacant
    • Dormitory 5B • Vacant , Vacant , Vacant

Coed Dormitories
    • Dormitory 1C • Elijah Romanov , Azrael Aldean , Cadence Moráin
    • Dormitory 2C • Kira Yagami , Lichen Moss , Shinnosuke Genzo
    • Dormitory 3C • Vacant , Vacant , Vacant
    • Dormitory 4C • Vacant , Vacant , Vacant
    • Dormitory 5C • Vacant , Vacant , Vacant

    • Alpha Cottage •Vacant , Vacant , Vacant , Vacant
    • Beta Cottage • Vacant , Vacant , Vacant , Vacant
    • Gamma Cottage • Sashura Dregovich , Alivyre Mercier , Vacant , Vacant
    • Delta Cottage • Vacant , Vacant , Vacant , Vacant
    • Epsilon Cottage • Chariza Kurosama , Vacant , Vacant , Vacant

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Sashura Dregovich
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50/1000  (50/1000)
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PostSubject: Re: Dormitories and Housing.   Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:33 am


August 22, at 01:32 am.


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Dormitories and Housing.
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