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 Kaji, Zero

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Zero Kaji
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PostSubject: Kaji, Zero   Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:56 pm


• Zero Kaji• Male • 16 • 2nd Year •
• Z, Zero, Hero• Straight • Game Store worker • Kyo Kusanagi •

"So to speak, you are a hero, Zero! Even if you are the top student, you are also poorest in the school. People will call you a weed, and you will be despised as a lower person! Don't worry, I praise the poorest! What is important to the hero is the reckless spirit!"

Picture Day
    "Beauty is as vain as these cherry blossoms. You will never be able to see the same shape for two days."

• General Appearance • Zero is a slightly tall person, about 5 feet, 10 inches. He has a thin, wiry frame, though densely muscular due to years of martial arts training. He has a slight tan, due to day after day after day of being in the sun, doing various activities. His face gives off the impression that he is older than he looks, having a face like that of an 18 or 19 year old person. His hair is short cut and brown, so as not to get in his face when he is fighting or doing something else. On his skin he has a huge scar from the right side of his collarbone to his left hip, a small scar on his neck, and several scars on his back, feet, and arms from training incident (and his own hardheadedness.)
• Usual Apparel • His hair is short cut and brown, so as not to get in his face when he is fighting or doing something else. He usual outfit consists of a white jacket, with only two pockets situated on the inside. It is usually unzipped. Underneath the jacket is a black shirt, white lines outlining a cross through the middle. On his lower half, he wears regular jeans, which are very odd for ninja (as said by his colleagues). The jeans look like they are tight fit, but they have great maneuverability for kicking and the like. He has shoes, that are brown, that he found on a corpse that he cleaned VIGOROUSLY since his favorite shoes got messed up while running around the village. On his hands he wears leather, fingerless gloves so that he has a bit more protection on his hands while training.
• Interesting Traits • He has scars on his body and neck, as well as wing like birthmarks on his back.

Locker-room Gossip
    "I think it's fun to know the person little by little through looking at their personality."

• Character Summary •Zero is a very kind, shy individual. He is soft spoken, yet able to speak his mind when the time is right. He stands up for what he believes in and when he starts something, he sees it through to the end. He is very caring also, taking care of his friends and even strangers when they are injured or sick. He's not the kind to try to steal the show, but can if something happens. Despite his age, he has very sage-like wisdom on some subjects, such as relationships or battling. He is very warm hearted, and is able to listen if someone is having problems. He is also very protective of those he considers friends or allies, willing to lay his life down on the line even against impossible odds. His eyes shine with a caring light, and he is never too mean. He can take things too literal at times, but he's really good natured.

A Jack Of All Trades by nature, its natural for him to help out others to the best of his ability with his god given talents. He's not very good with women, however, since he blushes at the first sign of a compliment and is not good with flirts either. He gets very embarassed very easily. He always acts kind though, until you hit a soft nerve. Those soft nerves come in the form of threatening or hurting his friends or family. An even worst soft spot that anyone could pick at is his parents. Whether making fun of them or even alluding that they weren't good people or good ninjas will set Riku off. In battle, Riku is calm, cool, and collected, and thinks out his attacks before he acts.
• Likes • Ice Cream, Socializing, Playing Video Game
• Dislikes • Being Bored, Jerks, wasabi
• Obstructions • Snakes (Fear), Biting his fingernails (bad habit), Thinking aloud (Bad Habit)

Schoolyard Games
    "If you wish to dream, do so in your dreams."

• Element • Wind
• Gift • Zero is able to control the energy within his body and amplify it to the point where it is both visible and dangerous. At that point, he can control the energy outside of his body (that he creates), making it into weapons, or putting it into other things.
• Weapon • Zero holds a katana hilt that has no blade, but can grow a blade according to how much energy is pumped into the blade. The longest it can go is the size of an O'katana. Any excess energy will be expelled in slash like blasts or in any way the user sees fit.

Background Check
    ""Looks like you've managed to take a step into a new world."

• Birthday • August 1
• Legal Guardians • Seph Kaji (Father, Missing), Leona Kaji (Mother, Incarcerated)
• Siblings • Kain Kaji (Distant Older Brother, Alive)
• History • A small, pale skinned baby was born under the the half moon on the day of may 4th 1989. The cooing of the baby. The mother of this small child held and fondled the baby lovingly, saying sweet nothings to the newborn baby. The father sat in the corner, tears of joy in his eyes. The nurses soon came to get the baby cleaned after he met his father and mother for the first time in his short time in this life. The baby was cleaned, sanitized to make sure no germs got to him too soon, his immune system too weak to fend off a virus. The mother stayed in the hospital bed, too tired to follow her child to the infant ward, where they took care of the babies in their first day of life. The father stayed behind with the mother, having to also rest from this whole ordeal. Though they looked in surprise; he had wing like birthmarks on his back!

The Newborn baby was shrouded in darkness, but flooded by warmth, which it could only tell was its new world, the world it had been brought into. He was taken in, from what he heard with his developing ears, to others like him. He opened one eye, the light blinding him for few precious seconds before he opened his eyes fully, trully experiencing this new world he was in. He was sat down in a soft bed, a wave of tiredness now running over the newborn. Soon he was asleep just like his parents, resting, napping.

Early Childhood Arc

Riku's childhood was good...for the first five years. Riku's was treated well, he played and had fun like any other kid. Even though he barely met his father sometimes, at least he knew he had a father. He made friends when he was small in the village he was in. He constantly had a smile on his face, even when he was young. He went to the academy often, like other kids his age did. He had a good life for the first five years of his life....but things all changed then.

Six. That was the age Riku was when the most horrible event in his life happened. Six. His father came home, after having been gone for a year. But he seemed like a changed man. No longer was the soft smile that embroidered his face there, but a glare of pure contempt, aimed at his mother for some reason. He had just got back from his Karate practice, having worked hard. For some reason, his mother was crying hysterically, on the ground, her hands in her face. His father sprouted wings, just like he had. He hid, not wanting to be seen. Then in an instant, his father was gone, a singular black feather on the ground. He swore he saw a smirk on his father's face before he left. As he went into the house to see his mother again, his mother lashed out at him, trying to kill him with the nearby butcher knife. She had completely snapped. She was soon constrained by the authorities, Riku now being parentless since his father had dissapeared and his mother was now insane. The next day he found a letter, instructing him to go literally down the street, to meet a man named Shio. That was the man who would be his family for the next 10 years.

Rest of Childhood/Teenage Arc

Most of the rest of Riku's Childhood and all of Riku's Teenage years were spent with his master, which he affectionately known as Shio. He was taken to the eastern islands on boat when he was 6, having met up with Shio after a message saying that the worst had come had reached him. Shio was a tall man, being 6'6. He was very muscular, scars all over his forearms and chest. He had a cut on the bridge of his nose, a confident smile on his face at all times. He wore a biker-like jacket, with a white T-shirt and ripped blue jeans. A part of his left ear was missing, and his tail had its end missing. Though he always cared about Riku, he came off very rough. Training was very soft for Riku in his first four years training with Shio, being like his old Karate class.

But when he turned 12, his real training began. On the first day of real training, his master accidentally put too much power in a Shuto Karate chop and gave Riku a deep scar, his sternum having been able to be seen. He was stiched up, but the cut would remain in scar form. Throughout his teenage years, he attended a nearby school, but also trained with the man known as the 100th Dan Karate master. Riku became a very good martial artist in his own right, also learning Kenjutsu from his master, though he had to go to an acquaintance of his master to learn more about Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu. He had another accident (his own fault this time) involving a practice sword. He got a not-so-deep scar on his neck, which taught him that katana hurt...alot! At 16, he was allowed to go on his own, now enrolling into an actual school for people with abilities...such as his.

    "“What good are dreams, if all you do is work? There's more to life than hitting the books, I hope you know."

• RP Example •

Looking to the sky, a young man sat on his balcony, having freshly woken up. Muscles were aching, yet the early morning songs of the insects and birds. Black, unkempt hair swung idly as soft morning breezes rustled, the sun itself still not up. It was a black morning as of right now, the stars dimly lighting the stars. A new moon, the usual white shining moon now turning dark, just like the calm before the storm. Like something was telling the moon not to come out for whatever reason. The man just sighed, sleepy-eyed and aching from his training from last week. Though he was ready for a new training this week. His leg muscles had hardened more than before, and you could tell he trained those leg muscles of his. They were more defined and stood out against his skin. Especially when he was wearing shorts or something. The soft breeze helped cool him down, especially after a hot day of training. He didn't really do anything strenuous, just some basic stretching, punches, and kicks. His muscles and joints still hurt too much then because of his strenuous training. He had doubled his portions of natto to help his body recover faster. Brown eyes looked over at the dark night, very few people awake. The night guard was about to go turn in for sleep. The last pieces of the night, the darkness, gave way to the infinite light of the sun. The sudden rays did not frighten nor surprise the person sitting out in his balcony in full outfit; it just warranted a smile.

He stretched his arms and jumped down from his balcony, landing with a soft thump. He looked to the nearby Ocean, an even wider smile coming on his face as the rays of the rising sun shined against the water. It didn't scare the animals just waking up, nor did it scare anything else that was already awake. They already knew this man's schedule by heart, and made it a priority not to be frightened. Hell, they would be more frightened if he didn't come out. He pet the wild cats and dogs, the animals acting like regular housepets to him. He had already eaten a big, carbo-loaded breakfast. He had no problems about getting hungry too early. He had enough energy to last him through the morning, at least. Through closed eyelids, he was already planning his morning route. He whispered it silently to himself, making sure he wouldn't forget it. He said it over and over before he opened his eyes, exhaling slowly. He did one last stretch, making sure his muscles were nice and limber. He did a couple reps, moving his arm up and down, doing a regular straight punch, then a hook, then a straight cross combination.

Zero smiled a little bit as he stretched, not wanting to sit back down on his bed, knowing he would fall asleep if he did. Now, he needed to get some supplies. From the beach he ran, going to the nearest supermarket, buying food, a new grill (since his old one had been destroyed through a fault of his own), and some new swimming trunks since he had grown out of his old ones, and some sandals. The flip flops he had were doing no good. If anything, he was just gonna grill and share with whoever was on the beach if none of his friends arrived. Beef, pork, chicken, assorted spices, peppers, vegetables, sauces...basically the works. He also didn't forget to buy a propane tank. The food just tasted better if one used propane instead of charcoal. He knew it would take a while before he started grilling, but he needed to let the meats marinate. He yawned a bit as he got back to his place in his car (which was a very nice, very new model of mustang), Zero going back up to his room with his bags and propane tank, making two trips total. It was a nice little villa, one that his dad had bought a while back, and had supposedly been paying for the past couple years, though no receipts ever popped up in the house. He came here thinking he could find his dad, but meh, life had its ways. Anyways, the villa was nice.

The grill was put away for now and the meats were marinating as Zero looked at the clock. It was only nine am. He had about 10 hours to let the meats marinate where they were (which were all over the kitchen) as he laid back on the couch, turning on the tv. He closed his eyes for a bit, breathing softly as he relaxed. He soon closed his eyes softly, snoring coming from his as he fell into a light sleep. When he opened his was already noon. He yawned slightly as he got up, going to his room to take a shower in the adjacent bathroom, getting some new clothing.

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PostSubject: Re: Kaji, Zero   Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:59 pm

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Kaji, Zero
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