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 Yagami, Kira

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Kira Yagami
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PostSubject: Yagami, Kira   Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:36 pm

• Kira Yagami • Male • 16 • Junior (11th) •
• Spitfire, Silent Thunder • Straight • 5th degree blackbelt in ninjutsu (not naruto ninjutsu) • Tsuna Sawada •

"So to speak, you are a hero, Kira! Even if you are the top student, you are also poorest in the school. People will call you a weed, and you will be despised as a lower person! Don't worry, I praise the poorest! What is important to the hero is the reckless spirit!"

Picture Day
    "Beauty is as vain as these cherry blossoms. You will never be able to see the same shape for two days."

• General Appearance • Kira is a brown Haired teenager who stads at about 5'4" and has lightly tanned skin. His right shoulder has a black tattoo of the Kanji for the Bujinkan Dojo, and on his left shoulder is a red tattoo that says peace in Kanji. His eyes are brown, with an orange ring barely visable that encircles them. On his cheek in a scar that runs down it for about two inches. Other then that his face is blemish free. He has enough muscle to have definition, but he is not to the point of looking like some steroid junkie -coughswartsaneigercough-.
• Usual Apparel • Kira tends to wear long sleeved punk band shirts and jeans, but his jeans are a lot easier to move in then most, and allow him to move with ease. He has a special pocket in his sleeves for different things, such as blinding powder and shurriken, or even some rope.
• Interesting Traits • Besides the scar and the two tattoos there are no other traits that are really interesting.

Locker-room Gossip
    "I think it's fun to know the person little by little through looking at their personality."

• Character Summary • Kira is pretty quiet in large groups, but he will discretely molest attractive women. If there is only him and a girl he might sexually harass her or try to flirt. When in a group of guys he accts pretty normal and does hi best to blend in. Due to spending time learning the art of Ninjutsu, he does not like large groups of men. When by himself he tends to rock out to music and study videos of ninjutsu and other martial arts.
• Likes • Women, Fire, ninjutsu, sushi, and running
• Dislikes • Fighting, water, men, guns, threats, sexual harassment laws
• Obstructions • He has a bad habit of black mailing women and he tends to look for the best ways out of room.

Schoolyard Games
    "If you wish to dream, do so in your dreams."

• Element • Fire
• Gift •Kira's gift of invisibility is one that helps him with the stealth that once made the ninja one of the most feared persons in history of both Japan and espionage. He is able to turn him self invisible for about five minutes with a ten minute cool down (2 posts of invisibility before having to wait 5 posts to use it again) Unlike most forms of invisibility used by illusionists, it is not a weird refraction of light or some special mirror, his body, internal organs and the rest of the make up of his body and anything in contact with his body become completely invisible.
• Weapon A katana with a rope that is easily removable on the base of the hilt. It is about three feet long and Kira keeps it hidden and can draw either the blade or the rope from his sleeve •

Background Check
    ""Looks like you've managed to take a step into a new world."

• Birthday •3/27/1995 {Date, Month}
• Legal Guardians • Megan Brewster (foster mother) Status:Alive
• Siblings • none
• History •Kira was a foster child from birth due to his mother and father dyeing from a mugging the day after he was born. He never stayed in a house for long and was shipped across the country. He never grew attached to any of his parents until he hit the age of five when his foster mother at the time introduced him to the art of then ninja:Ninjutsu. He stayed with his Foster mother Megan for the next five years reaching his second degree and meeting a girl named Kayla Shirah, they both went to the same public school and trained together, but when he was sent to his first boarding school she was not there, and left a note saying how she hated him and only hung out with him to fuck him up later. He slightly snapped and gained a pathological hatred of women, that manifested it's self in the need to demean them.

He spent a year at this school, and about half way through was shipped off to japan by his mother to test for his third degree, when he got back people found out he trained in ninjutsu and started to give him crap about it. He did not mind, and even went along with it, until towards the end of the year, a guy who was into MMA put him in a rear naked choke and tried to say he was better ended up in the emergency room. Soon after Kira was kicked out of school. Events like this kept on occurring so he eventually just quit even putting down his training in ninjutsu on school applications, however when he achieved the rank Godan, a news paper found out and published it. Three days later a senior came at him with a knife and Kira almost killed him with it, only stopping when the boy was on the ground and cut in six different spots. After this he moved to Luz Dura and tried to keep his secret. He has never once been caught molesting or harassing women, and is not a virgin.

    "“What good are dreams, if all you do is work? There's more to life than hitting the books, I hope you know."

• RP Example •
Kira stands before the gates of the village in the fire, the gates stood about sixteen feet tall and had the carving of the village's symbol on it. It is blood red and looks as if that it is about to fall. The gates hinges were covered in rust and one of the screws that holds the hinge in is missing and the other three seem like they are about to fall out. the other hinge looked just as beat up and the rust was even thicker. It seemed as if at the slightest touch it would all come down on the poor bastard that felt brave enough to poke it.

Kira sighs a little and thinks back to the attack on the village hidden in the clouds. That was an attack to remove a dictator, this was an out right slaughter, something Kira had yet to do in his life, but knew would eventually come if he was to become an ANBU operative, the right hand of the devil. Kira recalled how he had created three dragons to obliterate the chambers of the then Raikage, J Uzumaki. The building was struck from three sides and caused the building to essentially implode. It was a fast and expedient way to wreck a building.

Kira walks up to the gates of the village with caution, getting the feeling that the gat could fall at any time. The heat of the sun could be felt on Kira's tan skin. He had yet to start sweating due to the fact his body is used to the heat since Iwa has next to no shade so Kira was always out in the sun to train and hang out with friends, so he learned to ignore the moderate heat of a day around this area of the world. Kira looks back at the decrepit hinges and draws a sword and swings it down, pushing wind chakra into the the blade and uses it to create a wind getsuga.

The blade of air cuts through the wind like it is non existent/ When the whiteish blue colored blade of cutting air makes contact with the top hinge, it cuts the rusted metal device used to hold doors up and allow them to move sheared like a knife cuts through butter. Pieces of metal can be heard as the softly fall onto a giant bed grass. Kira inspects the metal and notices that it would have taken less force to take care of it, then it would take to cut skin.

Kira then has an idea as the weight of the heavy red wooden door begins to make the remaining hinge to fail, burn the damn thing. Kira does some hand signs and says "great fire ball no jutsu". Kira then inhales air till his lungs burn and then exhales long and hard, until he had created a ball of fire about 10 meters in diameter and then lets out one last powerful blow that causes the giant mass of plasma to hurtle towards the door.

When the fireball impacts the massive but weak red door, the metal of the last hinge violently shears and the door falls inward, impacting and destroying a guard tower that had two sleeping chuunin in it. In Kira's eyes, they had failed in their mission and that the destruction of this village. They should have paid attention to the sound of breaking metal and the fact that the door was falling would have been another clue and yet they continued to ignore it. Their reward was being crushed be a door that weighs about two tons.

Kira walks onto the wooden door and notices that it is so thick that he could not feel the bodies below his feet. Kira steps over the edge of the door and into a pool of blood, warm, sticky,crimson blood. Kira grimaces a bit and watches as a guard with a twelve inch bacon and cheese sub walks towards him in shock. Before the poor chuunin could react, his head was at Kira's feet and his blood was adding to the pool, adding to the blood of his crushed comrades. The pool begins to cover Kira's shoes and he flickers away.

Kira did not like the fact he would most likely end up killing more ninja, but then again this is war and war is not pretty. Kira draws his katana and wakashabi and then transforms into one of the guards. Kira runs to a jounin and says "we are under attack, get help". The jounin nods and turns around. As soon as he does, Kira stabs into him with his katana, causing him to collapse into a pool of his own blood. Kira uses the dead jounin's hair to clean his blade and finds what appears to be a bank.

Kira walks into the bank and looks as the guards slowly encroach on him. Kira pretended to be unaware until they were about to be in striking range, until they are within his range and he drops the blades ad then draws Kiba, spinning around, cutting every one of them, killing them all. All of the patrons screamed louder then Kira though possible. Kira then does some hand signs and sucks in air; he sucks in air till his lungs feel like they are about to burst. Kira then exhales a bright blue flame, catching the building on fire. In a few minutes it would be a towering inferno of blue, orange and yellow, like the fires in a fire place; only it will be much larger and hotter.

Kira walks out of the building as the wood from the room caught and moves onto another building. By now most of the people inside had fled and some had run home, others had run to get their things and escape the village while they could, and the rest ran to get the ninja to defend them from this monster who had decided to strike their village. Most of the villagers, in Kira's eyes seemed unaware of the strike on Iwa, the strike for power.

Kira looks at a group of genin coming his way, from the looks of it, they are here for glory, the glory of killing an enemy. They did not know of the pain that comes with that glory. Kira looks at them and says "leave before I am forced to kill you. It is the last thing I want to do, but I will if I must". The genin laugh and say "you can't kill us, you are pathetic". Kira sighs a little and they charge at him, stupidly. Kira does some hand signs and shoots an Aoi honoo at the kids, burning them to death. Their screams echo through the village and Kira knowing that some one will come to investigate, flickers away, in order to find some other building to destroy.

the bodies of the charred genin were found by their former teacher, who had just been promoted to jounin. His flack jacket was freshly made and he was actually on his way to a party to celebrate his moving up when Kira struck. He had a sword on his back and held six kunai. he could use fire water and lightning jutsu, but he was still learning how to use his sword, he decided to learn to use it in order to give him more use.

Kira noticed that a jounin had landed near by and he smiles a little, knowing that he might be able to let loose, it is not often that he gets to fight with a jounin who is willing to fight. Kira looks at him and says "you need to work on that sneaking up thing". The jounin does not responding words, he responds in actions. Kira draws a single blade of Kiba and flickers up to the jounin, slashing at his neck, but is blocked. His blade was cracked and Kira's sword also cut the blade, making it a quarter of the way through the blade.

As the blades pull back from being interlocked with each other, the wielders strike once again, however this time Kira puts an electric current through the blade, cutting through fully and causing the hilt to from the blade, feeling the shock caused by the current flowing from the metal blade to the highly conductible metal of his blade. Kira follows up with a round kick to the knee but is blocked. The jounin does hand signs as Kira throws a flying god tech kunai past the jounin and appears behind him as he spits out a fore dragon and appears behind him and decapitates him with his blade.

As the attack pressed on, the sun began to set in the background. The sky had turned a burnt red color and the the villages hue changed from the bright white paint that the village was done up with. The building have the aura of being red and yet still look white, in that weird manor where they look white and yet at the same time it looks red. Kira was aware that all the light was, was the refraction of light and yet it still awed him. "to bad I have to destroy this place". In Kira's mind it looked a lot better then he had expected after seeing the gate. Kira wondered why they had such a detestable door when they managed to keep their village looking so nice. The crimson fluid pouring out of where the head of the jounin Kira just killed dripped onto the ground below. The red color clashed with the sky and yet gave it a very poetic harmony of life and death.

Kira can see the the smoke of the burning bank as it continues to burn, and from the looks of it, the firehad in fact spread through out the village, burning about fifteen buildings and about seven houses. The inferno was in fact the colors that Kira thought they would be, blue at the base, orange through out most of it, and the tip are a bright yellow color that lit up the darkening evening sky over the village hidden in the fire.

Kira jumps into the air, gaining height by pushing chakra into his feet and pushing off, basically doing the opposite of the tree climbing jutsu. Kira then does some hand signs and shouts "great breakthrough" and demolishes the building, killing two hiding genin in the process. A beam from the structure had hit them in the head, killing them by breaking the skull and causing bits to pierce their brains. As Kira landed on the rubble he noticed he was surrounded by a group of chuunin who looked like they wanted Kira dead at all costs.

Kira sighs and says "you know, this would never have happened if you guys did not attack us". Most of the chuunin looked perplexed but one came forward and said "that may be true, but was there a need to insult us by only sending in one ninja?". Kira smiles a little and says "well if you want I can be many". Kira then makes several typhoon clones and they all use the dragon flame bullet jutsu, causing all but one of the chuunin to run. The one that did not flee to avoid the blow died. The Kiras then flicker after the chuunin, meeting them half way and striking with their blades, killing a few, leaving only two remaining. The clones charge at them and are cut down, severely damaging the chuunin in the process. Kira making a single hand sign finishes them off with his vacuum sphere jutsu. Kira spits out ten spheres of wind that shoot towards the two ninja and kill them on impact with the throat and kidneys. As they lay bleeding out Kira smiles and takes the sword of one and throws it into a wall and watches as it pierces and suddenly the wall shatters. The man's last words are "what are you?". Kira smiles darkly and says "a monster".

Kira looks at the dead bodies and walks away, moving deeper into the white village. Kira looks at a sign and notices that it is the village hospital. Kira gets an idea and walks inside to see ninja injured trying to put out the fire or trying to catch Kira and fighting fellow villagers thinking he was in disguise. As a medical ninja trys to stop Kira, he stabs him and then walks to the lowest floor of the hospital and and set three explosive tags on a gas tank for the heating and flickers out as they explode, blowing up the hospital and killing everyone inside.

The rubble from the hospital was covered in charred pieces, and body parts of the newly deceased could be seen littering the road. At Kira's feet is the hand of a man who had just been admitted with severe burns. Kira was unaware of this but continued to venture on towards what looked like the chambers of the leader of this backwoods village that nobody knows about or cares about. Kira had nearly wiped the entire thing off the map single handedly.

Kira looks at the destruction he had caused with a little pride, the flames were his doing, the destruction of the hospital was a devastating blow to the village, and all of the ninja who had died would make building back up from this attack damn near impossible. Even if Kira were to be killed, his mission was a success. Kira was amazed he managed to do all of this by himself. He had grown from the weak genin into something that could rival most jounin. In the distance the sound of wood burning in the fire can be heard.

Kira jumps to the left as a kunai flies at him and explodes when it hits a building about ten meters from him. Kira looks at the thrower and sighs. It was a chuunin about Kira's size and weight, but with no weapons. He had brown hair and blonde eye brows with red irises with a black ring on the edges. Kira dashes forward flicking his fingers into his sleeves and drawing his trench knives and punching at the ninja's face with them. The fist flew through the air with the precison of one who has know combat, and it was deflected with difficulty.

Kira then slashes at the chuunin, making contact with his throat killing him with ease. The ninja of thisvillage see, to lack the formal training of most ninja. They fight poorly, lack any sense and seem to be very lazy. Kira deciding that this had taken long enough does several hand signs before saying "typhoon dragon". Up above the village in the sky forms a dark blue dragon whom promptly destroys another building with it's typhoon orb. The explosion on contact causes a schoc wave that destroys all of the surrounding buildings.

Kira smiles as his beast wrecks the village that had tried to cause harm to his beloved home. Kira knew he had a place to go if Iwa was destroyed but did not know if he could put up with being a Konoha ninja, from what he had seen most of them lacked the ability to fight in any capacity. Kira remembered how an Anbu operative could not even raise her fist to an impostor and instead broke down crying like a school girl who had her heart broken. She was alter knocked out and Kira had to drag her to the hospital.

This had irked Kira very much since he was not even from the village and still did more then she had. Kira thought the training methods to be pathetic if the produced an Anbu operative like her. In Kira's mind she could not assassinate anyone and probably never killed anyone before. In the end it did not matter to him since he had never seen her since and did not care about her or about how she had recovered, he did not check on her once, though he did slam her in his report of the events, that he is pretty sure the hokage blew off.

Kira returns to reality as a flaming piece of wood falls from a nearby building and nearly knocks him out. The flames now covered the entire village and was soon to cover every building. The roar of the flames was nearly deafening. The smell of burning wood was overwhelming and it's scent covers Kira's own scent like deodorant does sweaty arm pits and soap covers the scent of dirt. Kita could feel the heat on his body and flickers to the council building. It is the only building not to be burning thanks to a special sealing jutsu that saves it from any fire out of the seal.

Kira walks around knocking on it's sides and occasionally placing exploding tags on the structure in key areas, such as near the base of the structure, where the foundation meets the actual building. As soon as Kira had used all of his explosive tags he jumps back and activates the tags, causing 9 simultaneousness explosions. The explosion was not loud, but was strong enough to cause the building's foundation to fail. The building begins to catch fire as well since ithe explosion was within the seal.

As soon as the foundation failed, the building caught flame and began to fall into the earth below. The integrity of the building had failed without a strong foundation to hold it up. The white building fell into the ground, extinguishing the flames and killed a group of genin hiding from the fighting.l Kira did not know about the genin but decided to sit on the remains of the building and watch as the last of the buildings crumble into dust forever taken from time by a single ninja from a near dead clan. A ninja not many people have heard about. That ninja is Kira Yagami. (I am Kira Yagami)

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PostSubject: Re: Yagami, Kira   Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:16 pm

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Yagami, Kira
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